DMWC Art Exhibition “Connection”

Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in Vienna Kinderspitalgasse 5, Vienna, Austria

The joint exhibition of Resat Ameti and Zaneta Gelevska - Veljanoska, according to their basic principles, has communication, friendship, understanding, and a love for art. Zaneta and Reshat are artists who belong to the same generation, having graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje. The life of each of them is different; Zaneta, […]

I Believe I Can Fly

Acanthus Gallery Orce Nikolov 99, Skopje, Macedonia

Creating a work of art can truly turn you into a bird; it can inspire the strongest emotion, it can make you happy, it can make you feel as if you were really flying.  In this I completely understand Zani. She spreads her wings to take off. You might say this is overly symbolic, impossible. […]


Embassy of the Republic of North Macedonia, London, UK